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Check out these answers to some of our most commonly asked questions!

  • How do I purchase packages from you?

    It only takes three easy steps! First, find the likes or fan package that works best for you. Second, use our easy checkout process to find your images or account that you’d like to boost. Third, you complete your purchase by using PayPal! Your order will be submitted and completed within a few minutes (often seconds) after the payment is received!

  • Can I get featured by using your services?

    Absolutely! The proof is in the results from our users! When you use our services, there’s a 75% higher chance of getting featured when compared to our competitors. We’ve done it time and time again, so why hold yourself back?

  • Is this actually legit?

    Absolutely! Unlike other providers, who claim they’ll give you a successful TikTok account, we fully stand by our promise to you. If you’re hesitant, we suggest trying out our smallest package for less than two dollars. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your results and will come back for more once you give us a try!

  • The checkout process says it can’t find me! Why is this happening?

    If you can’t find your account during the checkout process, it’s because of your account privacy. Please set your account to ‘public’, so our system can find and deliver your order! Once your order is finished, you can set your account back to ‘private’.

  • How do I know this isn’t a scam?

    We’ve been a leading social media services provider for over 15 years, and have a well-established PayPal account. We use PayPal with our customers in mind first – their buyer protection program is unsurpassed. Rest assured, if there are any problems with your order, we will provide a full money back guarantee. Just contact our amazing support team and we will help get your problem resolved.

  • Do you require my TikTok password?

    We do not require, nor will we ever ask you for your password. If other websites have asked you for your password, change it immediately! Promotions do not work like this. Please don’t be fooled by imitators who claim to be us – our only website is TikTokFame.

  • Do you accept any other forms of payment methods?

    As of right now, we only accept PayPal, because it’s the easiest and most secure payment method around. We’ll be adding more forms of payment methods as time goes on.

  • Am I able to work with you guys?

    Of course! We’re offering social influencers a chance to work with us. If you already have a well-established account on TikTok, but you want to boost your career, get in touch with us via the contact page! We can assist you on getting on a whole other level with our promotions. If you are open to promoting our services, we’ll offer you heavily discounted promotional packages.

  • Do you own other sites?

    The only other sites owned by us that are legit and not a scam are the following: TikBlast and TikRocket

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