TikTok Crown

If you have a passion for music and videos, and love being creative, then TikTok is the perfect social media platform for you. But, to get noticed and attain a strong following, you need to appear on the trending search results, and regularly get featured. The trick to getting yourself on the featured list is by getting the sought-after ‘featured’ status and/or ‘crown’ on your profile by the TikTok panel.

A TikTok crown is usually earned when the TikTok panel verifies official celebrity accounts, to show other users that they’re the real thing. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to earn crowns, so don’t give up hope. If the TikTok panel reviews your account, deeming it to be high quality and original content, along with having a high number of followers and likes, and with a high level of participation, they might decide to add a crown to your profile! Having a crown will give you more leverage and will boost your visibility, which will greatly increase the popularity of your channel.

Please be aware that there are plenty of websites offering to ‘hack the system’ by guaranteeing you a crown, or telling you questionable ways to get one yourself. Most of the time, it involves photoshopping a crown onto your profile photo, which would defeat the purpose of earning one. Fake crowns are also very obvious, due to profile page positioning. It would be a bit embarrassing to be caught with a fake crown. There’s also the risk of TikTok taking disciplinary action against your account. It’s not worth the risk. You might even be asked for your login details from an outside source to accomplish this – never give anyone your account details or personal information, not matter what they offer you. It’s likely they’re running a scam, so don’t be their next victim.

Getting a real TikTok crown can be achieved by following the official guidelines, putting in effort, and being patient. With enough hard work, you’ll fit the criteria for quality content and earn your crown! If you settle for the unreliable alternatives, you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

Remember, this advice is only a basic guide. The author is in no way legally responsible for any sustained losses as a result of reading this article. For more information on this subject, please contact a relevant professional or company representative for advice.

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